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Dog First Aid

Have a Senior Dog in Your Home? Relieve their Join Pain with Joint Guard for Dogs

Get Joint Guard For Your Dog Now!

Have a Senior Dog in Your Home? Relieve their Join Pain with Joint Guard for Dogs


“Manufactured by Nature Vet, Joint Guard powder for dogs is a nutritional supplement made up of Glucosamine hydrochloride and Chondroitin sulfate, Manganese and MSM. The synergistic effect of all these ingredients provides fast relief in arthritic conditions, joint issues and injuries in dogs. It is not only for pets suffering from these injuries, but also essential for dog breeds that may inherit joint problems in future.
The nutritional supplement provides necessary components for formation of cartilage matrix, synovial fluid and cartilage repair. The odorless powder reduces cartilage degeneration, and support development of healthy joints and connective tissues in canines. It also reduces non-infectious joint inflammation.


Being a nutritional supplement, Joint Guard powder is of highly safe for all sizes and breeds of dogs.
Give standard dosage or follow veterinarian guidance.
Consult a veterinarian for treating pets suffering for extreme joint problems.


Glucosamine Hydrochloride
Chondroitin sulfate

Nature Vet” (



K9 Advantix Blue Extra Large Dogs over 55 lbs Buy 12 Months Get 4 Free

K9 Advantix is a flea, tick and mosquito treatment that provides protection to your dogs. Once you apply the treatment to your dog, all fleas should be killed within 24 hours, and ticks will be killed within 48 hours. K9 Advantix also kills mosquitoes, chewing lice, insects, sand flies and stable flies.  As single topical treatment for multiple parasites, K9 Advantix saves puppies and dogs from various parasite-borne diseases.

Buy an entire 12 month supply and get and additional 4 months for free!


Advantage for Dogs – Large Dogs 21-55lbs Red Buy 12 Months Get 4 Free

Advantage Flea Treatment For Dogs

Advantage provides fastest relief to dogs from adult fleas. It comes in an easy to use spot-on solution that needs to be applied on a monthly basis and the super ingredients present in it stops flea bites within 3 to 5 minutes thereby killing adult fleas and larvae within 20 minutes of administration. Since this ingenious treatment works on contact there is no need for the fleas to bite and so dogs suffer from lesser painful flea bites also reducing the outbreak of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.


Need Medications or Supplies For Your Pet?

Are you looking to save on medications and supplies for your pet? 1800PetMeds can help you save today! You now caring for your dog or other pet is a must, that is what responsible pet parents do. However, you dont have to pay more than you have to. Use the search box below to look for a specific product, or look at some of the most popular products with the best deals on the list below:


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Underground Electric Dog Pet Fencing

New Underground Electric Dog Pet Fencing Fence Shock Collar

Underground Electric Dog Fence

Protect Your Pet with this Underground Electric Dog Fence

Buy securely with Paypal. You will be billed under Abad A. Perez, if another name appears do not complete the purchase. Paypal protects your purchase so you can buy with confidence. Click on the Buy Now Button below to complete your purchase:

Want to keep your dog safe but do not want to sacrifice the look of your landscape? Do you need a fence on your back yard but your homeowners association does not allow you to have one?

Consider getting this Invisible Underground Electric Dog Fence today!

This hidden fence system is perhaps the most reliable and affordable pet containment system that you can get at a great price.


Some of this systems can run you as high as $249 but you can save huge when you get it here for Only $50.64. That is over 75% savings!

Buy securely with Paypal. You will be billed under Abad A. Perez, if another name appears do not complete the purchase. Paypal protects your purchase so you can buy with confidence. Click on the Buy Now Button below to complete your purchase:

This is a great system to train your dog. After all, training your dog should be more than teaching a few tricks, it should be about having a well behaved and safe dog.
This relatively easy to install invisible electric fence simply involves you  burying some wire along the contours of your designated area, and putting the receiver collar on your pet.
Once installed, the collar will detect the signals sent by the wire. When your dog gets near the boundary, the collar will make a warning beep, which will remind the dog to keep its distance. If the dog keeps going forward, the system will send gradual increases of signal stimulus until the dog backs away. Once the dog backs away, the signal will decrease. This will teach the dog to gradually respect the boundaries, it will learn to respect the boundaries and will learn what the safe area is.

Aside from using this invisible fence, the other option would be to install a heavy and expensive wood fence or to build a brick wall. Both of these types of fencing are very expensive and require a lot of maintenance. This invisible dog fence system is  safe,  cost-effective and can be install a lot faster.
With your system you can cover up to 5,000 square meters (53,800 square feet) and it even comes with enough wire to cover 1.2 acres.
This invisible electric fence is safe and is a humane way to discipline your dog.


Buy securely with Paypal. You will be billed under Abad A. Perez, if another name appears do not complete the purchase. Paypal protects your purchase so you can buy with confidence. Click on the Buy Now Button below to complete your purchase:



Canine Parvo Remedy Just in Case

Discover A Canine Parvo Remedy That Is
Safe, Low Cost, Organic & Effective

To find out more about Parvo an about how it can hurt your dog, click in the image above. Keeping this kit handy is a prudent thing for most dog owners, so you should seriously consider it today.


Save up to 25% on Dog Medications Now!

Most of us have been there at least one. Our dog is sick and we have to buy a medication that is out of our reach. When that happens we have to pull out a credit card to pay, but it does not have to be like that.

Next time you need medications for your dog, go to 1-800-Pet Meds. They have some very low prices on pet medications, and more than likely they can save you up to 25% of what your veterinary or local pharmacy will charge. Use the coupon below and begin saving right now!
1-800-PetMeds Pet Supplies Free Shipping $49


Are You a Smart Dog Owner? Get Free Shipping!

Are you a smart dog owner? Get free shipping when you spend $49.00 on supplies for your dog at Pet Smart.

You are probably wondering, but “that’s a lot of money to spend”.  Not really; I spend that kind of cash on my two dogs on a regular basis. Every time I go to the supermarket (just about) I end up going to the dog supplies section and picking up supplies for my dogs. I just can’t help it. I love my dogs!

You probably do the same. So why not take advantage of this great deal from Pet Smart below. Hurry!



80% Of Dogs Will Die From It!

Stop This Scene Before It Happens!

Imagine getting up in the morning to take your loving dog for a morning walk and finding your dog throwing up, having violent attacks of diarrhea, not eating, and literally wasting away right before your very eyes.

“But how could this be? “, you may ask. “Last night my sweet loving dog was doing fine and now… is my dog poisoned, what could possibly be wrong?  Oh my, this throwing up is out of control, the diarrhea won’t stop!”

This could be the scene that you encounter if heaven forbid your dog contracted what is perhaps the most devastating virus a dog can contract.  Canine Parvovirus can be extremely devastating to a dog, especially if the dog is attacked by the new 2c strain of Parvo, also known as the F-Strain.

The F-Strain  is a much more aggressive variant of the Parvovirus.  According to veterinarians the symptoms of Parvo appear in a matter of hours, not days, and if you do not rush and treat your dog it can die in as little as six hours!

How Does Canine Parvovirus Attacks Your Dog?

Parvo is a viral disease that once contracted it attacks the lining of the intestinal tract, bone marrow and immune system of dogs. Because it attacks the intestinal track it can cause vomiting (especially yellow, frothy vomit), a foul-smelling and bloody diarrhea, lethargy, depression, severe dehydration, a very high fever/chill and sudden death.

Apart from the acceleration in the rate of symptoms appearing, the best clue you have that your dog has the 2c strain instead of one of the older, more standard strains, is if he has bloody diarrhea within the first two to three hours.

Can Parvo Be Prevented?

Now, as with any other virus that could affect your dog, the best solution to keeping this scary virus from harming your sweet dog is to make sure your dog is vaccinated against this deadly virus. However you must make sure that the vaccine does in fact cover the latest 2c strain instead of just the older strains. So make sure you ask your veterinarian which strain the vaccine they will administer will protect your dog from.

As far as I have been told, “only Intervet manufactured vaccines that had been 100% challenge-tested against the 2c strain, but we’ve now had customers whose dogs had been vaccinated using their products, and yet still developed Parvo.” (Parvo Buster)

So even though you might have done the responsible thing and taken your dog to the veterinarian to get vaccinated, your dog may still be infected by the Parvo virus. Remember, viruses are very hard to control.

What To Do If Your Dog Contracts Parvo?

“If you take your dog to the vet, it will typically cost from $500 to over $12,000 per dog, and your vet will probably only give your dog a 25% to 85% chance of survival, with 50:50 odds being the most common.” (Parvo Buster)

The only other option that you have is to get a product called Parvaid. Essentially, Parvaid is an organic chemical-free solution that helps relief the symptoms of the Parvo virus. In addition to relieving the diarrhea, gas,vomiting and nausea, Parvaid will stimulate the dog’s appetite.

As an organic chemical-free solution, Parvaid will not further exasperate the dogs already weakened intestine and immune system by adding harmful chemicals that often have catastrophic side effects. Note that Parvaid is not meant for taking the place of vaccinations, but rather it is the last line of defense for a dog that has already contracted the Parvo virus. Parvaid is essentially your dogs last chance for survival considering that 80% of Dogs Will Die From It if not treated immediately.

Some of the hot spots in the US are: AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IN, KS, MS, NC, NV, OH, SC, TN, TX and WI; however, many other states and some countries such as Australia, Canada, England and others are experiencing a marked increase in the number of Canine Parvovirus cases – most likely due to this new strain.

Check this out!

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